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The Haunted Southern Funeral Home was built in 1954, and has seen over 4,200 souls through its doors.

Even before it’s closure, many staff experienced paranormal activity throughout the funeral homes life.

 The two parlors that remain here still have an energy that is electrifying, many reports of dark shadow figures leaving rooms, as well as an eerie energy. Many reports of the doors opening and closing is a frequent occurrence.

 The Casket room still remains today one of the most active and harrowing areas.

 The 2nd Floor Embalming room is one on the most frightening areas to investigate in, being watched and followed have been reported frequently.

During a tour by a former staff member they experienced and witnessed voices coming from the second floor, on further inspection, they realized what appeared to be a very dark evil presence, which resulted in the former staff member fleeing.

Are you brave enough to undertake a lone vigil by one the empty caskets?


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Located a 1/4 mile from the other both of these locatrions are a must see when in Kosciusko!

The Attala Jail

Southern Funeral Home